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White Mountain




《White Mountain》

 Ascension Island, a key point in the Atlantic Ocean, was originally a black lava island. There was a shortage of fresh water in the barren land. Various plants were brought by the British Army and Royal Botanic Garden to solve the problem. After that, the island was surrounded by greenery, and people called the place Green Mountain. On the other hand, Mt. Rokko used to be a bald mountain with bare white granite, as trees were being cut down in the late Edo period. Botanist Tomitaro Makino wrote that “I thought it was covered with snow.” Due to water control and resort development, Mt. Rokko, has become over frown with trees for this 100 years. There is the contrast between “black” on Ascension Island and “white” on Mt. Rokko, and the common key word “water” seems interesting. Considering the relationship between humans and the two mountains, I made a paper installation using the images of plants from Mt. Rokko. I see it overlapping the mountain which was once white.  The stones brought in are Mikage-ishi (granite) of Mt. Rokko. People, plants, stones, each time axis is layered together in one space.

「六甲ミーツ・アート 芸術散歩 2020」六甲山カンツリーハウス(兵庫)

“Rokko Meets Art 2020” Rokkosan Country House (Hyogo)


Paper cutーout, granite, monofilament, lead weight


Photo: Hayasaki Manami

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