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​Innocent Garden


What happens in society appears to build up or break down as easily as if it were child's play.

Life goes up and down, things are targeted, there are those who flock to the sweet juices, the destruction and regeneration of cities, those who live in compartmentalised places, the value of a piece of paper with numbers on it...

Using play and toys as a medium, the artist attempted to express a microcosm of society.


ロンドン個展『Innocent Garden』2009、ロング&ライル(ロンドン)

Solo exhibition ‘Innocennt Garden’,” Long & Ryle, London

Photo :Manami Hayasaki

12_the tower.JPG

The Tower


Who Win?

04_exhibition view.JPG

The Installation View

08_innocent garden.JPG

Innocent Garden

02_big ben.JPG

Big Ben

09_find my key.jpg

Find My Key

11_find my key detail.JPG

Find My Key


Project B

07_sweet spoil.JPG

Sweet Spoil


​5,000 dollars bill


100,000 dollars bill

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