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Dust of the Universe




​Dust of the Universe

Mijin(fine dust, particles), means 'extremely small' in Buddhism terminology and there is a concept that the universe consists of fine dust. There is also the idea that the universe is reflected in  every single particle.

I created objects with paper cut-outs that rotate gently  like planets, by combining materials developed from plant anatomical sketches observed with  a microscope in the 17th century with outer space images. it is an attempt to visualize 'micro and macro' what is  too small to be seen and what is too big to be seen,


'Slowly Arriving' 2021, Kunsthause Baselland (Basel, Switzerland)

paper, cut-out, monofilament

Photo:Kathrin Schulthess


Photo: Kathrin Schulthess


Photo: Kathrin Schulthess


Photo: Kathrin Schulthess


Photo: Kathrin Schulthess

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